Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today is april fool day and I had drawn two comics on my hamster(s). However, I am unable to put it on my blog...
COMIC1-April fool prank one
pic1:I called Cutie (my hamster) to wake up.
pic2:In Cutie house inside cage, I can hear "squeak" and "yawn"
pic3:I put my hand inside the cage, with a sunflower seed on my hand, and then I brought Cutie outside the cage.
pic4:Its play time !!! Cutie played a lot of toys like hamster ball and tunnels
pic5:After 30 minutes of play time,Cutie looks at the calendar. It says 1April (April fools day). A light bulb appears on top of Cutie's head.
pic6:Cutie closed her eyes, playing dead. Then I said "Cutie! No sleeping outside the cage (softly)", then again "I said no sleeping outside the cage (deafening)", followed by "Wait a minute...... don't tell me that you are..."
pic7:I shouted "DEAD!!! (Window's glass shatters)"
pic8: Cutie squeaked in squeak language "Too loud!". April fool prank1 ruined!


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Friday, March 20, 2009

Some cute pictures of my hammies...

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I had been thinking alot about this, why Cutie and Squeaky are fighting?
Below are the reasons I thought of...
Can anyone tell me what to do to make them friends.
~please comment~

11:26 PM;HamstersY

Yesterday, Cutie (on the bottom) and Squeaky (on the top) fought again. Squeaky bit Cutie's right ear and of course, it bleed. My mother tried to
separate them using the mini broom and the mini dustpan, but it was too late. Cutie was squeaking loudly for help.
My mother took herbal oil and applied it on Cutie using a cotton bud. But it was no good. It was painful and Cutie kept running around. So my mother went to buy antiseptic powder at Pets Lover Centre (North Point). It costs $11.30 and weights 35g. Although it was costly to me, it was effective. The next day, I checked Cutie's wounds and it was almost healed. I estimated that after a few days, Cutie would be healed.


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Monday, March 2, 2009

I was cleaning my Squeaky 's cage when I got a shock of my life. There was lots of sunflowers seeds in Squeaky 's small house. After counting, I realized that there was ... 72 sunflower seeds in her house!!! I could not believe myself. After observing the cage carefully, I found that the staircase was bitten by naughty Squeaky.
Not just that, at the first day when I bought her, she fought with Cutie and Cutie was bleeding!!! (During the fight, Cutie pulled Squeaky 's fur while Squeaky bit and scratched Cutie. ) I had a hard time pulling Cutie away, as Squeaky was biting my finger ( she thought that i was Cutie), and in the end, I ended up with a bleeding finger.That taught me not to mind other people's business, including hamsters.
And again, I spotted a video of hamsters.
funny hamsters

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi, this is my first post. This blog will be all about pets-they are soooo CUTE! Let me introduce myself first, I am Amanda and I have 2 hamsters(SQUEAK!!!) The skinny and fierce one is called Squeaky, while the one which is sooo fat that it looks like a ball and not fierce( Once I dropped it accidentally, but it didn't seem to mind much.) is called Cutie(>.<>
Not just that, I recently saw some funny video of hamsters at Youtube.
The hamster that keeps spinning.
The hamster which played dead.


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Hamsters:Cutie and Squeaky Note: please do not copy the pictures

nicknames:Xiao Ke Ai (little cute cute), Xiao Fei Shu (little fat rat) and Yi Li Qiu (one little furball)
likes:Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, most of all- sleep, sleep and sleep
hates:Squeaky biting her, Squeaky snatching food from her, Squeaky waking her up- everything Squeaky does

nicknames:Xiao Wan Pi (little naughty) and Xiao Chang Chang (little ham ham)
likes:Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds,running on the wheel
hates:Cutie being peaceful and the 8cm mini broom

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